Offload Rugby shoe
Product rendering Process exploration
Being excited to work on commercialized product, I helped a school friend (Anthony Botte) in product design to model and render a rugby shoe he designed for Decathlon, to enhance it in an Virtual environment, keeping the same feeling in the shoe and in the environment. I decided for this short project to use a software implementing all capabilities needed, meaning: modeling, texturing, environment, and rendering. I used Maya to answer to all of these requiring, with plugins integrated like Substance painter and Vray renderer.
Autodesk Maya
Autodesk Maya
Adobe Substance Painter
Chaos Vray for Maya
Adobe After effects
As you can see with the final animation shot, I made sure that the colors and atmosphere match. I used for that a city at night as HDRI map, and a displacement map of rocks for the floor.
Modeling thanks to reference photos and lines in order to always verify the authenticity of the shoe.
Playing with Bump and Displacement maps for the realism of the different textures.