Maserati GrandTurismo
Autodesk Alias Class A modeling
I am not particularly passionate about cars, but certain ones generate a sense of fascination in me, particularly the Maserati GranTurismo. The aim of this project was to enhance my understanding of Class A modeling, which is highly technical in its intricacies. In addition to the modeling aspect, I aspired to develop a comprehensive project spanning from model creation to rendering. That's why you will find VRED visuals at the bottom of the page.
Autodesk Alias
Autodesk VRED
Autodesk VRED
I used some reference images in orthographic axis to build the first surfaces, to have the main volume.
It took me few trials to have the right dimensions but I could then build the rest of the car without scale problems. I was also helping myself with real pictures to better evaluate surfaces.
I closed the main shape, keeping sharp edges for a further application of fillets. I then detailed the model, using alignment properties, trims on surfaces with different reference axis and other tools in order to get as close possible as the real car.
I allocated a lot of time on curvature verification all along the modelling to keep an eye on homogeneity and continuitivity.
I learned the verification of normal direction for surfaces, and groups allocation for lighting. It allowed me to export correctly the model in Vred and assign easily the textures.