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Procedural Simulation
In the development of an Instagram account showcasing my renders, I decided to develop a serie of simulations representing the essence of what I wanted to post, 3D experimentation.
SideFX Houdini
SideFX Houdini
Blender Cycles
Adobe After effects
1/3 MR
Smoke simulation, symbolizing the genesis through expansion, represents the fundamental elements of existence: photons and various gases emerging from the cosmic microwave background of our universe.
Import_trace from image
Thickness using extrusion
collision surface using collision_source
Smoke DOP network
Smoke test
Collision set up in the smoke DOP Network
Collision test
2/3 MR
Bullet simulation, from a gaseous to a solid state, symbolising the motion thanks to the basic of simulation, force and gravity.
Low density collision test
Medium density collision test
High density collision test
3/3 MR
Slime simulation, from solid state to a liquid state, symbolizing experimentation through research, evolution through process, passing through a multitude of potential paths to reach a goal.
Import_trace from image
Adding a counter-form using boolean with a primitive
Remeshing only the inside to inscrease density
Applying map path to the mesh
Adding tube surfaces to path
Width set up using Attribute_wrangler
Pulse set up using Attribute_wrangler
Quads creation using Sweep
Convert to VDB with VDB_from_polygons
Remesh correctly using Convert_VDB
Breakdown of the 3 simulation with grayscale shading.